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You probably want to know who I am, and what qualifies me to author this site.  (If you don't care, you should care, because there are a lot of people on the internet who are highly opinionated about type and don't have the slightest qualifications or professional experience to back up their opinions.)

Hi!  My name's Vicky Jo, and I have preferences for INFJ!  (In unison now -- "Hi, Vicky Jo!")  I have a Masters in Depth Psychology (with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies), and I'm trained in the Interstrength MethodTM, which includes MBTI® certification as a Master Practitioner (the highest level).  I have hands-on experience with all five of the models I will be referencing -- MBTI Dichotomies, Temperament, Interaction Styles, Cognitive Processes, and Beebe Archetypes.  I've read extensively on these topics for several years, not to mention attending meetings, conferences, and workshops (and presenting them!).  I'm currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Jungian and Depth Psychology, so I have a distinctly Jungian slant to type. 

The navigation here is a hoot. You'll get started by clicking the floating dolphin at the right. There are menus and submenus, so it's a bit labyrinthine. The bouncing dolphin on the right will convey you through the site, escorting you to the main menu topics, or to the submenu topics. Watch the labels. You must catch on if you don't want to get lost.

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It's worth noting that I don't include much "ISs do this" and "TJs do that" on this site.  This is the wrong site if that's what you're looking for. I work with type as a depth psychology rather than as a descriptive psychology the way most people use it. I feel type is systemic and wholistic, and too much letter talk ends up being restrictive rather than empowering.  That especially goes for that last letter -- J/P -- which has all manner of inaccurate stereotypes associated with it.  

I utilize a slightly different approach to type than most type users.  I don't box people in using four dichotomies the way the MBTI is designed to do.  I'm trying to get people out of boxes they may be in without realizing it! I strive to treat the functions as verbs, and believe we all have the potential to develop those verbs.  (I dislike restricting anyone's potential!)  At the same time, I believe we're born a certain type, and we flower into that type through the course of our lives and through its many seasons.  (Perhaps this seems like a paradox, but isn't that the nature of being human?)  

Type is an organized model of consciousness, so I look to it as a model of development.  It also describes our limitations, so you won't find much "alphabet soup" here, and I treat the code as a starting point rather than an end-point.   I also don't wax lyrical about "the test," because it's highly fallible (especially those online freebies that misrepresent type).

What possessed me to tackle this web project?  Okay, twist my arm and I'll tell you.  #1 Because I got tired of people misunderstanding what the INFJ pattern looks like or how it manifests.  #2 It seems that people are hungry to learn more about type, but they don't know how to access or utilize this knowledge on a day-to-day basis.  #3 Because I got tired of type being treated like "trait" theory, and wanted to fight back against broad, sweeping (need I say inappropriate?) generalizations based on limited understandings of type. As you will soon discover, I have some passion around applying type, especially when it comes to exploring my own particular type code, and this website seems like the best outlet for expressing myself.  So I'm really creating this site for myself as much as anything.  I'll be quoting and citing a variety of sources, so it's not just my voice you'll hear!  (I confess I also sneak a little bit of life coaching in along the way.)

I add additional data whenever the spirit moves me -- I have little collections, computer documents, varied scraps of paper, and xeroxes piled around that someday may coalesce into a new page, a new paragraph, a new phrase.  I started this site in 2001, and probably have some of the most sophisticated type information available (I get plagiarized a lot!). But there's no grand strategy -- the 100+ pages on this site somehow mushroomed into what you see now.  

Yep, I used Comic Sans (horrors!), and dolphins are everywhere. Eventually I'll give it all a facelift.  If you'd like to make a small donation to help defray the costs to do it (I pay for everything out of my own pocket), you are welcome to help: Click here to donate.

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I link to a feedback form at the bottom of most pages, if you'd be kind enough to give me some.  I also provide a recommended reading list.  I added a blog so I can post items without re-designing the entire website. You can also subscribe if you wish to receive occasional messages from me, such as to notify you when I add significantly to the site (of course I will not abuse your email address).  

If you're interested in having a professional facilitation to have confidence regarding your best-fit pattern so you can really own and apply it, visit my website Type to learn about my structured type discovery process that teaches and explores 21 dimensions of type.  I also offer coaching services, career assessments, a SHIFT-IT graphic coaching process, and even a technique perfect for INFJs that I call CoActive Imagination.  If you don't know what life coaching is, here's a link to a college paper that one of my Catalyst clients wrote to give some sense of the process.  

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you get something worthwhile from the time you spend here. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

-Vicky Jo, M.A.(Psych.)
Type Discovery Artist
MBTI Master Practitioner/Professional Coach
sometimes known as "The Type Fairy"

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P.S. I get lots of encouragement about finishing this site.  Ha!  I'll be honest: I doubt it will ever be "finished."  If there's a particular conversation you're hungry to have, drop me a line and consider co-active coaching with me.  If you haven't experienced life coaching before, you will be amazed.